Cur8ed Skin

Cur8ed Skin:

This service was born out of my desire to help clients achieve a simple yet optimally effective skincare routine to use at home. I noticed that clients coming to me to improve their skin were more often than not using products that were negating the effects of expensive professional treatments they may have been having. During my time as a facialist, I have also discovered that many clients aren’t sure how they should be using their products and this means they often waste money buying skincare that is totally wrong for their skin type.

During a Cur8ed Skin appointment, I will use my 25+ years of beauty experience to create for you a bespoke capsule skincare routine. I will advise you on products and ingredients that will work perfectly for your skin and I will consider those you currently use, suggesting which you should keep and how to use them for maximum efficacy. Whatever products you can’t use, we will donate to a local charity.

Price: £150